Nov/Dec Meetings and COOKIES!

Information about Upcoming Meetings

Given today’s public health announcements, we’re going to continue meeting virtually for the remainder of our meetings in 2020. We know it’s disappointing to not see each other in person, but now more than ever, we need to take care of ourselves and our communities – in the true Guiding spirit!

The good news is that we have lots of fun and interesting activities planned for our Pathfinder meetings. Check out the Calendar bookings, which have been updated (now all with Zoom links – sorry about the mix-up for the meeting on November 18!).

On November 25, we’re doing a meeting all about our wellness and resilience. We know that tips and tricks for being well, especially while we’re spending so much time being distant from our friends and family, is so important. You’ll need the big brown envelope you got in your package on November 11 for this meeting.

Important Information about Cookies!

If you’re all done selling your cookies and are ready to return your cookie money, you can pay for them online! Please see the email that Christa sent you on November 3 for more information about online payments.

We also have four cases of cookies left, if anyone would like more cookies to sell! Get in touch with Karla to make arrangements for a COVID-safe pick up or drop off.