Last meeting of 2018!

It’s our last meeting of the year!

We’ll be making holiday cards for seniors, and some to take home! We’ll also have some delicious snacks, gourmet hot chocolates, and time to chill.

Please bring your Snow Camp forms and payment, and any outstanding cookie money. Please also bring back forms and payment for Holiday Camp with the 58th Pathfinders and Orion Rangers, if you would like to attend that camp next weekend.

Lastly, the pack towel supplier that has the awesome towels we looked at last week will be coming to the end our our meeting to sell towels directly. Large/bath towels are $5 each. Small hand towels are $2 each. This is an amazing deal as the large towels are typically $40 and smaller ones are $12-$15 at MEC. Great for holiday gifting, and for putting in your backpacking gear stash!

Note that towel sales are cash only, so bring cash (exact change preferred) for towels.