Unit Agreement

This week, we collaborated on a unit agreement to help ensure our meetings are safe, productive, and fun! Here are the guidelines we all agreed to:

Be kind and inclusive (Include people, introduce yourself, say hi, talk to people. Don’t use hurtful words.)

Be helpful (Help clean up, help others when they need it, share information)

Be responsible (Hand in your papers. Be organized. Keep your word if you say you are going to be there, show up. Clean your camping gear – especially borrowed gear. Pick up trash)

Speak so others can understand (Explain jokes)

Be active (Participate in activities, share, be curious. Think of new things as a puzzle to work out. Ask questions)

Be open minded and positive (Look at different perspectives)

Try new things

Encourage others (You can do it!)

Use phones as a tool, not a distraction

October 2 Meeting

This week, we are starting our work on the 2019 election! Be sure to come learn about democracy, and participate in the democratic process to plan our enrolment and Halloween outings!

Also, Alanna will be sharing her experiences from her National trip to Newfoundland and Labrador.

Lastly, we will have cookies for anyone that didn’t get them last week, or who would like an additional case! Remember, a portion of each case that you sell on your own goes into your own “cookie cash” account, to be used towards your personal camps, outings, and special events!

Reminder: Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up on Saturday September 28!

Friendly reminder that our first unit service project of the year is to provide treats for this event, so thank you in advance for contributing 2 dozen baked items to share with the other participants at the event, if you’re able to. Treats must be nut-free (check the ingredients list!), and gluten-free options such as rice crispie squares are encouraged.

Check the calendar posting for more information about this fun family event!

Invitation: Survivor Camp with the 58th Pathfinders

The 58th Pathfinders have invited us to join them at Survivor Camp at Camp Kanaka from Oct 11 – 13! This is open to any Pathfinder from the 9th that isn’t already committed to going to Glamp Camp on Keats Island (it’s the same weekend!).

Here is the information about camp:

Don’t miss the fun!! With the theme based on the reality television show, Survivor, this camp has been an annual 58th WPG Pathfinders “start-of-Guiding-year” tradition for about a decade. It’s such a fun and exciting way to learn valuable camping skills; including, knot tying, lashing, shelter building, fire building, outdoor cooking, orienteering, geocaching, first aid skills, safe woodchopping skills, safe pocket knife skills,  and participate in team-building challenges. 

As there is a maximum number of participants permitted on the site, campers will be selected on a first come, first served basis.

For more information and to register, review the forms and information below. Forms should be completed and returned to Adele, the Guider with the 58th Pathfinders. See the forms for her contact information. Forms and fees are due September 30.

Tonight’s meeting – Sept 25

We’re looking forward to seeing you tonight!

If you didn’t bring your H1 form and/or dues last week, please remember to bring them tonight.

Also, we will be outside tonight so please dress for the weather. We will be leaving the church and walking to a nearby locale at 6:50 pm, so if you are late, please text or call Karla at 604 720 7922.

Fall cookies are available to take home tonight, so please plan to stay for 5-10 minutes at the end of the meeting to pick up your cookies.

Lastly, the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up is this Saturday Sept 28. The 9th Pathfinders are volunteering this year to bring the treats, so please be sure to sign up to bring 2 dozen tasty treats to Saturday’s event!