Girl-led meeting: Aquatic Ambassadors Challenge

As part of their Canada Cord, each 3rd year is responsible for leading a meeting this year! We’re kicking off a fun series of girl-led meetings with the Aquatic Ambassadors Challenge!

This challenge will explore themes related to marine life, ocean plastics, and water conservation. Check out the activity information in Girls First, and check out the cute crest below!

Also, tonight is last call for anyone that still has cookie money or dues outstanding. Please speak with a leader if you have any questions about this.

Nov 13th Special Event: Enrolment Outing

Please note we will not be meeting at the church this week!

We’re heading out for dessert for a lovely enrolment outing!

Drop off is at Off the Grid Waffle Cafe at 5943 Fraser Street at 7:00pm.

Pick up is at 8:30pm from the same location.

Uniforms are mandatory.

More information is available here:  Enrolment Outing

Also, if you have not returned your cookie money in full yet, please bring any monies owing back tonight.


It’s all about camp!

1st and 2nd years will be learning about packing and gear planning.

3rd years, bring your homework (scroll down to posts from Oct 16 for more on that!) as we’ll be continuing our discussions about gold camp/event planning.

Reminder that cookie money and camp forms and payment for this weekend’s camp to Camp Olave are due tonight! Please speak with a leader if you have any questions about either of those.