Updates for Oct 3

We’re going to spend the evening learning about the Girls First program and Canada Cord, and planning our amazing Pathfinder year! Bring your big ideas for special events, community service projects, outdoor adventures, and other fun things you’d like to do this year.

This week is also your last chance to pick up a case or two of mint cookies to sell to earn cookie cash towards your own Pathfinder events and adventures.

Lastly, if you have a years of service pin (like the one pictured below) from your previous year in Guiding, please bring it with you – we’re updating our records and ordering pins for this year’s enrolment ceremony, and would like to check in on what you’ll need this year!

Unit agreements

At our first meeting of the year, we discussed the actions and behaviours we wanted to foster so we could have a great year together. 

After individual visualization exercise and a small group discussion, we came together as a whole to create a list of agreements. 
Here is what we agreed to:

  • Be respectful 
  • Include others
  • Be kind
  • Socialize with new people
  • Be prepared
  • Participate!
  • Wear your uniform

One thing we didn’t discuss, but I would like to suggest we include, is an agreement to “leave no trace.” Not only does this apply to camping behaviour, it also applies to leaving a meeting room how we found it. 

I have no doubt that we will have a successful year together as we follow these agreements!