Halloween Party

Get ready for some spooky fun!  Come in your costume, bring whatever you signed up to bring (check the list below if you’re not sure) and make sure you are on time.  The Brownies are expecting us to start leading activities at 7:00 so make sure you are at the church promptly at 6:45!

Here is the list of what everyone signed up to bring (using initials to protect everyone’s privacy)

  • Everyone – clean socks for the game
  • HTL – mini sandwiches, brownies, decorations
  • RT – doritos, Halloween peeps
  • CB – cupcakes
  • SM – donuts, cookies, paper plates for the craft
  • ALH – a sweet snack
  • MH – red punch, decorations
  • IA – cups, bobby pins
  • MCB – plates
  • MS – napkins, decorations
  • HW – a snack of some sort

If you missed the meeting, choose something that no one else is bringing.  We could probably use more salty snacks and drinks!

UPDATE: If you requested a Pathfinder scarf, we were able to place an order with the Guide store online.  The cost including shipping and GST is $8.75.  Email Amy if you are not sure if you requested one or not.

Preparing for Enrollment & Halloween Party

This week we will be revisiting the Girl Guide promise and law, and form a planning committee for our Enrollment Ceremony. We will also be planning next week’s Halloween party and following up on discussions about summer camp.

If you need more cookies, please e-mail Karla so she can bring them to the meeting. We still a number of cases left, and will also be discussing another possible selling event.

Cookie Selling at Joyce Skytrain

This week we are cookie selling at Joyce Skytrain station.  Meet at 6:30 at the eastern entrance (by the passenger drop-off area) wearing your uniform.  We set a goal to sell 4 cases by 8:00.  If we meet our goal by 8:00 we will go to the coffee shop across the street for hot chocolate, and if we exceed our goal we will have an extra treat!  We’ll finish by 8:30 and parents can pick up in the same place as drop off.

Program work

This week we will have a chill meeting after our super fun red carpet sleepover!

We will look at the “Moneywise” module and plan how to use our cookie profits.  We will also do some brainstorming about camps we would like to do this year and make a plan for lunch at the Apple Farm event.  We’ll also discuss some cookie selling strategies to get ready for our selling date at the Skytrain next week.

If you need more cookies to sell, please email Karla so she can bring them to the meeting.