May 27: Craft and Bridging Night

We’re hosting a crafting and bridging evening with the 1st Rangers!

For tonight’s activities, you’ll need:

  • paper
  • pens
  • scissors
  • toilet paper or paper towel tubes
  • glue

Don’t have some of those items at home? No worries! We’ll get creative with what we’ve got.

3rd years, we’ll also spend some time talking about the gold camp planning.

Zoom meeting info is in the Calendar invites.

May 20: Yoga with Diane Rizzardo from Metrotown Physio

Tonight we’re doing a yoga class with Diane Rizzardo, a physiotherapist and yoga teacher from Metrotown Physio!

Wear comfy clothes and no socks, and make sure you are set up with enough space on the floor that you could stretch out and lay down. Yoga mats are helpful, but not necessary. It’d also be helpful if you are able to enable your camera for tonight’s meeting, so Diane can see who’s in the room and offer support and advice on the poses we’ll work through.

See you at 7 pm!

It’s yoga time!

Here is the Zoom link and meeting ID: 466 720 461. The password is the same as previous weeks!

Host your own Climate Emergency Dialogue and earn 2 hours community service

The City of Vancouver wants to hear what youth think of the 19 proposed climate actions that the city is considering to tackle the climate emergency, while making our city more resilient and livable for generations to come.

Host your own Climate Emergency virtual dialogue using this online survey. All you need to do is meet your friends on your favourite video conferencing tool, share your screen and walk through the survey together.

High school students in Metro Vancouver who host a dialogue and submit the feedback can be formally recognized for 2-hours of community service.

Staff will use the feedback received to help shape the Climate Emergency Action Plan heading to Council in November 2020.

Deadline for feedback is May 24.

May 13th: PJ Party and Games Night!

We’ve got a fun evening of games, in our PJs! The Zoom meeting info is in the calendar post.

You’ll need a pen/pencil and some paper to play a number of fun and interactive games online together.

It’s also BC Girl Guides Virtual Spirit of Guiding Week, and today is PJ day! Wear your favourite PJs in the spirit of Guiding!

Lastly, registration for the fall has started already. If you’re planning on returning to the 9th Pathfinders, please plan to register before May 28 as the unit will fill up quickly.

Visit for more information and to register. The unit iMIS number is 37088.

May 6th Meeting: Developing our Creative Side!

On May 6th we have another girl-led meeting and this time we will be focusing on developing our creativity. Please have on hand the following supplies: blank paper, lined paper, pencils, pens, coloured pencils/markers (optional). We will be undertaking a variety of activities to get out creative juices flowing!

Here’s a peak at the activities we’ll be trying out:

  • Draw, Don’t Stop
  • Unlikely Canvas
  • Finding Poetry

Please download this document for inspiration during the meeting:

Tonight’s girl-led meeting is all about self care!

For tonight’s meeting you will need some paper, something to write with and a yoga move. If you have a printer, print out the attached bingo sheets. See you soon!

7:00-7:10:  Check in – How you are feeling/experiences with online school/work.

7:10-7:20:  Self-care Bingo

Area: being well

themes: being you, my physical self, and/or my mighty mind. 

7:20-7:50: Drawing collages – They can get a scrap piece of paper and draw a collage or picture of examples of a good way to start of their day.  Near the end we can share our drawings with the group.

Program Area = Be well

Theme = My physical self

Activity = Self care from the start

7:50-8:05: Letter to self/time capsule – We will write letters to our future selves to  say how we are feeling in these strange times and say anything positive that is going on because of this.  They can decorate the letters and set a date for them to open it in the future.

Program = Be well

Theme = My mighty mind

Activity = Mail me some positive

8:05-8:15: Yoga stretches to end the meeting and clear your mind/reflect – We will demonstrate yoga poses and everyone can follow along.

Program = Be well

Theme = My physical self

Activity = Stretching with isometrics


April 22 Meeting Supplies and Meeting Info

On April 22 we’ll be doing some ZOOM BAKING. Please try to get the following ingredients and equipment ready for the April 22 meeting.


  • 4 tbsp all purpose flour
  • 2 tbsp lightly packed brown sugar
  • ¼ tsp baking powder
  • 3 tbsp milk (or almond/soy milk)
  • ½ tbsp vegetable oil (olive, canola, etc.)
  • A handful of chocolate chips
  • ⅛ tsp vanilla (optional, but it makes it taste better!)


  • Measuring spoons
  • Metal fork/spoon
  • Microwave safe 8oz mug
  • Microwave

Here is the Zoom meeting info:

Join Zoom Meeting at 7 pm on Wednesday night!

Meeting ID: 466 720 461
Password: (same as last time – contact a Guider if you don’t know the password!)

Or dial by your location:
Meeting ID: 466 720 461
Password: 320110
Find your local number:

April 15 Meeting: Gender POWER!

Tonight we’ll be covering the theme of “Gender Power” and learn more about feminism and what it can mean to be a feminist. Here’s what we’re going to do: 

1. Check in – share your kindness rocks / notes message

2. Discussion and Reflection: What is feminism to you? Who are some inspiring women leaders you look up to?

3. Watch this video for context

4. Activity: Friendly Neighbourhood Feminism. Brainstorm what women’s issues you care about. Get into small groups and research on the internet which organizations are working on the issue you care about. How could we get involved? Report back by making a powerpoint slide. 

5. Present what you learned

6. Wrap up video from International Day of the Girl 

7. Bonus video about Dr. Bonnie Henry

Here’s what you’ll need for tonight’s meeting:

Some scrap paper and a pen for taking notes on your ideas.

Here’s an article to get you thinking:    

Kindness Rocks / Notes

Let’s send some kind and encouraging words out into the people in our world. Why not surprise someone in your community with a positive, empowering message… on a rock! or a window sign! or get out your sidewalk chalk and send a message to your neighbourhood!

Hearing positive messages can boost your self-acceptance and confidence, so spreading them around is a great way to lift up the people you care about. The Kindness Rocks Project was started to surprise people with random acts of kindness. 

Homework this week: Inspire and share positive messages with others through decorating your own rock, sign, window sign, sidewalk, post-it note…whatever! Leave it in a visible place and take a photo to share with the group. Email your photos to the leaders by April 14.