Holiday Camp with 58th Pathfinders & Orion Rangers

Holiday Camp Invitation  – Dec 14th to 16th at Camp Capilano
We’ve been invited to join the 58th Pathfinders and Orion Rangers for another camp – this time, for a weekend of festive cheer for their annual Holiday Camp with the Orion Rangers! The unit Guiders from the 9th aren’t able to attend, but some of you met the girls and Guiders at Camp Olave recently. They’re all really nice, and fun!
Activities will include: an evening out-trip to Canyon Lights at the Capilano Suspension Bridge to see all the beautiful lights back at site we will be cooking up a feast, making holiday cards for soldiers over seas, and other crafts, playing games, doing a Holiday themed Escape Room, doing a gift exchange and
other great holiday-themed program activities.  Camp is at the Camp Capilano cabin on the North Shore.  
Check out the forms, schedule and kit list for your information.  If you are interested in attending this camp, the SG2 form and fee are due Dec 5th!

Snow camp training

We’ve got a fun and interactive evening of winter camping training happening tonight! We’ll cover information around clothing and gear; packing; staying warm and managing personal first aid; food and cooking in the cold; and more! Check out the information at the bottom of our Resources page for more info that you can print, save, and share!

This training is mandatory for anyone interested in going to Snow Camp next year, so please plan to attend. Not sure about snow camp yet? That’s okay! Come anyway – this work will count towards your Canada Cord whether or not you go to camp.

Also – please bring in any outstanding fall cookie money!

Fun, fun and more fun at WeDay Family Night!

On Nov 21, we’re heading to WeDay at Rogers Arena! Because traffic and parking are tricky around the stadium, we’re meeting at Nanaimo Skytrain Station at 5:30 pm. Pick up is also at Nanaimo Stn at 8:15 pm. Bring your compass card, and come in uniform!

Please note purses or bags that are larger than 14” x 14” x 6” (35cm x 35cm x 15cm) will not be allowed in Rogers Arena for any game or event, so please leave your school bags at home. 

Didn’t bring your form in? Don’t worry – you can still come along! Just print and bring your signed SG2 with you to the Skytrain station.

Also, reminder to all Pathfinders to get your Girls First profile set up! Get this set up before the end of the year, as YOU’LL be diving in headfirst to meeting planning, activity selection, and crowdsourced awesomeness in 2019!

Neat volunteer opportunity – Adopt a Catch Basin 

It’s that time of the year, where the air is crisp, the wind has wrestled the leaves from the trees and the rains have arrived. 
All the leaves and rain can also lead to neighbourhood flooding as catch basins get blocked, preventing water from getting into the storm water pipes. 

You can help be a neighbourhood hero by adopting a catch basin! Through the City of Vancouver’s website, you can find a catch basin by your house, give it a fun name, and walk by it weekly to see if it needs any maintenance. Over 1,800 catch basins have already been adopted with names like Drainy McDrainface and Grate Expectations. It’s a great opportunity for community service. 

For more information or to adopt a catch basin, visit their website. 

Enrolment and Upcoming Events

November 7 is our enchanted enrolment evening! Come in uniform and dressed for the weather. We’ll start and end at the church, but will mostly be outside, so don’t forget your boots, jacket and toque.

We’ve been invited to attend a fun weekend at Kwi Kwa cabin @ Camp Olave from November 16 – 18 with the 58th Pathfinders, Orion Rangers, and St. Helen’s Scouts & Ventures. We’ll have time to play outside, cook great food, play a tonne of board games, do homework, and make new friends at this fun and chill weekend on the Sunshine Coast. Karla will be taking a group of Pathfinders from the 9th, if you’re interested in joining in the fun! Check out the event information forms for more information. Interested in attending? Forms and payment of $100 are due Wednesday November 14.

We are heading to WeDay on Nov 21! Bring your forms in no later than November 14.

Also, check out updated information about Snow Camp! Take a look at the event information, and the kit list. Forms are due back in January so no rush, but start thinking now about what you need to prepare, plan for, and learn about before we head out for a fun weekend in the snow!