Tonight’s girl-led meeting is all about self care!

For tonight’s meeting you will need some paper, something to write with and a yoga move. If you have a printer, print out the attached bingo sheets. See you soon!

7:00-7:10:  Check in – How you are feeling/experiences with online school/work.

7:10-7:20:  Self-care Bingo

Area: being well

themes: being you, my physical self, and/or my mighty mind. 

7:20-7:50: Drawing collages – They can get a scrap piece of paper and draw a collage or picture of examples of a good way to start of their day.  Near the end we can share our drawings with the group.

Program Area = Be well

Theme = My physical self

Activity = Self care from the start

7:50-8:05: Letter to self/time capsule – We will write letters to our future selves to  say how we are feeling in these strange times and say anything positive that is going on because of this.  They can decorate the letters and set a date for them to open it in the future.

Program = Be well

Theme = My mighty mind

Activity = Mail me some positive

8:05-8:15: Yoga stretches to end the meeting and clear your mind/reflect – We will demonstrate yoga poses and everyone can follow along.

Program = Be well

Theme = My physical self

Activity = Stretching with isometrics